Are you supposed to eat the potato skins or not My mother always told me that the skins had all the?

Answer I don't like tattie skins myself ((((Olga)))) they're not very nice because they're covered in earth and stuff.…...

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Who invented potato skins?

T.G.I. Friday's invented potato skins in 1974. Their recipe called for medium russet potatoes, sour cream, chives, melted butter, cheddar cheese and crispy bacon. Their recipe for potato skins can ... Read More »

How to Make Potato Skins?

It's football night, you got the guys over and you broke out the beer. You're hungry yet you're out of nachos and your wife is at the beauty salon. This is the recipe for you.

Are potato skins healthy?

On One Hand: Nutritional ContentOne whole potato with skin contains two grams of dietary fiber, so consuming unpeeled potatoes provides the best way to enjoy all the vegetable's nutritional value. ... Read More »

How do I distinguish between rattlesnake skins& nonpoisonous snake skins?

Rattlesnakes are very dangerous creatures. While they are shy and will avoid confrontation whenever possible, their bite is poisonous and potentially deadly when they do decide to strike. While it ... Read More »