Are ports open all year long?

Answer yes according to whether in storm port will close

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How to Open Ports?

Computers use ports to interface with networks, including the Internet. Ports act like doors that separate your computer from the rest of the world's network. Your computer's ports can be opened or... Read More »

How to Open Ports on Kaspersky 7.0?

Kaspersky 7.0 is the seventh major release of the Kaspersky Internet Security software, a program that has a firewall built in to it that allows you to block programs from accessing the Internet on... Read More »

How to Open Ports on Laptops?

In computer networks, there are 65,535 ports that can be closed or opened by the computer’s owner, according to Bleeping Computer.Com. Ports come in two types, TCP and UDP. TCP stands for Transmi... Read More »

How to Open Ports for Skype?

Skype is a software communication application that enables users to make voice and video chat calls over the Internet. It also has an instant messenger service, file-transfer capability, and users ... Read More »