Are polyethylene book covers acid free?

Answer Polyethylene book covers are acid free as are other archival products made from the plastic. Librarians and archivists often use polyethylene bags to protect and store documents, pamphlets and othe... Read More »

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DIY Book Covers?

Most public schools distribute textbooks to students free of charge. At the end of the year, students return the books for next year's class to use. If every student returns his book in good condit... Read More »

How do you permanently bond a polyethylene tarp to another polyethylene tarp using a cold glue?

Answer Assuming that the pool has an average depth of 4' , there would be about 11,760 gal.

How to Turn Book Covers Into Shin Guard Sleeves?

Shin guards offer soccer players a padded form of protection. Worn under a knee-length sock, a shin guard is made with or without a stirrup that fits around the bottom of the foot, and with or with... Read More »

How to Make Soccer Shin Guard Sleeves With Book Covers?

Shin guards provide soccer players protection from errant kicks and vicious cleats. Shin guards range from small bits of cardboard tucked behind socks to bulky padded systems that protect the shins... Read More »