Are police reports public records?

Answer Police records are open to the public through the Freedom of Information Act. The Federal FOI Act states that the public has a right to access records that document public business. All states have... Read More »

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Are Police Reports Public Knowledge?

Police records can be public knowledge, depending on the state. Most states are lenient with these records and will provide police reports when requested. This means a person must file a request to... Read More »

Are all Tennessee government agencies required to comply with open records or public records?

In general, all government agencies in Tennessee must comply with the Open Records Act. However, there are exceptions. For instance, according to an opinion issued by Tennessee's Office of Open Rec... Read More »

Do expert reports qualify as business records?

Expert reports may qualify as business records. Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, a hearsay exception is granted for business records. To be a business record, the report must be kept in the reg... Read More »

How long do collection records appear on credit reports?

Reports of collections agency action stay on your report for seven years. This period starts from the first day that the debt is sent to collections for action and goes on from there.Source:Credi... Read More »