Are police lights illegal?

Answer The laws regarding police lights differ from state to state. Most state vehicle and traffic laws require that police and emergency vehicles use some kind of lights when at an emergency scene. Studi... Read More »

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Is it illegal to have a police baton if you are not a police officer in Pennsylvania?

The answer is uncertain. Pennsylvania statue 18 Pa.-908 does not specifically state a police baton is illegal. The statute does refer to the short baton-like blackjack as being an offensive weapon.... Read More »

Is it illegal for police officers to take steroids?

The Anabolic Steroids Act of 1990 made the use of steroids without a doctor's prescription a federal crime. Therefore, it is illegal for anyone, regardless of position within the community, to viol... Read More »

Is it illegal in Texas to wear a police shirt?

While wearing a T-shirt that says "Police" is not illegal in Texas, impersonating a police officer or public servant is illegal. If you say you are a police officer or act as though you are perform... Read More »

Are HID lights illegal?

On One Hand: Manufacturers Offer HID LightsA number of online retailers offer High Intensity Discharge, or HID, light kits for installation on a variety of vehicle makes and models. In addition, a... Read More »