Are plums on purple plum trees edible?

Answer Most purple leaf plum trees produce fruit, and some cultivars produce fruit that is edible. The Thundercloud variety produces small edible fruit, but Newports yield larger, higher-quality plums. ... Read More »

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Do purple leaf plum trees bear fruit?

The purple leaf plum tree (Prunus cerasifera) produces blooms of white flowers in April, followed by small fruits in the summer months. The fruits of the tree are red in color and measure 1 inch ... Read More »

Are purple plums citrus fruits?

Plums are not citrus fruit, but part of the stone fruit tree family within the Prunus genus, which includes cherries, apricots and peaches. Prunus is part of the rose family. Plums are high in suga... Read More »

Is a plum tree edible or ornamental?

Plum trees produce edible fruit. The fruit is used for fresh snacks, canning, freezing, desserts, jams, jellies and sauces. Plum trees grow fruit that are red, blue, green, purple and yellow. Ripe ... Read More »

If prunes are dried plums then why isn't prune juice called plum juice?

You do know that there is plum juice, right? I'm sure it's made from the non-dried plum.Anyhow....I'm guessing that prune juice comes from adding water to the dried fruit and letting it set?????M... Read More »