Are plumbing store bathtubs better than the big box stores?

Answer On One Hand: They Have Products in CommonBoth types of stores offer many of the same bathtub styles and brands, particularly in the low-end ranges. An American Standard Princeton bathtub sold at a ... Read More »

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Why does the chick at the hardware store always ask me if I have any plumbing to do?

Hm...I think she wants to play with your caulk perhaps?

What stores are there that sell vibram five finger shoes (no online store please)?

If you live in michigan, they sell them at backcountry north.

Why do major retail stores online carry alot more things that are not in their store for?

They don't have room in the stores for everything that they sell on line.

How come there’s dozens of liquor stores in the ghetto but I couldn’t find one health food store there?

Ok, so most people know that food that is healthier for you is usually more expensive. Kind of a given. So lets rant about it. Here I am in Spokane, not the hippest of cities, searching for som... Read More »