Are plumbing store bathtubs better than the big box stores?

Answer On One Hand: They Have Products in CommonBoth types of stores offer many of the same bathtub styles and brands, particularly in the low-end ranges. An American Standard Princeton bathtub sold at a ... Read More »

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Is android better than Samsung app store?

No apple's app store is better. Also the app store is better than the kindle's app store. If you were deciding between the Iphone, Ipod touch or Ipad and the kindle get the APPLE PRODUCTS. MUCH BET... Read More »

Have you seen a better bargain than this on an online store (see link)?

What is that Internet word for "black market"?Well anyway, that is what came to mind. If one person bought it and sold a copy for half, and then then next person paid half and sold it for half of w... Read More »

Are name brands better than store brands?

On One Hand: They are Not Necessarily BetterIn a nationwide taste test conducted in May 2005 by Meyers Research and reported a month later in The Washington Post, store brands won over name brands ... Read More »

Why does the chick at the hardware store always ask me if I have any plumbing to do?

Hm...I think she wants to play with your caulk perhaps?