Are pleated pants better than straight?

Answer On One Hand: Comfort and MovementPleated pants are designed to give the wearer a bit of extra space for movement. They can be a good choice for someone who really doesn't care about being on the cu... Read More »

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Pleated Pants Vs. Non-Pleated Pants?

An ongoing concern when buying trousers or a suit is whether to choose pleated or non-pleated (also known as flat-front) pants. Although both have been worn throughout history, one over the other t... Read More »

Are pleated pants still in style?

On One Hand: Pleats Are ConditionalAccording to the Men's Flair website, stylistically, pleats are only necessary for men who are overweight, or who wear their pants at the waist rather than the hi... Read More »

Why don't "Low Hangin' Pants" designers fashion their pants 5-6 inches shorter so they don't drag underfoot?

It's "Or".…

Can you get pregnant if you have your panties on and your BF has his pyajama pants and briefs on when having dry sex and he got his pants slightly wet?

Very unlikely. But you guys better be careful. I see birth control in you future....