Are plastics really being recycled?

Answer Although recycling plants can't process all types of plastic, most of the plastics picked up from curbsides and businesses are recycled at least once. Manufacturers use the processed plastics to ma... Read More »

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What plastics can't be recycled?

The technology exists to recycle all types of plastic, but some areas don't recycle certain types of plastic, because it costs too much. Check with your local recycling program for the types of pla... Read More »

Facebook is being really slow?

My computer is being really sloooooow...?

all I can say is to get RAM/Memory for your computer it will change your life. You can get RAM cards at your local walmart ^_^

Is it normal to really miss being pregnant?

Oh yeah, lots of women miss being pregnant. I never did personally, but I do miss having a 'baby'. My kids are 6 and 9 years old now, and I really miss having a 'baby'.Some people think it's weir... Read More »