Are plastic bottles safe to drink from?

Answer On One Hand: Possible RisksStudies summarized in a 2008 monograph by the National Institutes of Health 2008 report from the National Toxicology Program's Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human... Read More »

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Is it safe to reuse plastic drink bottles?

The consensus on re-using water bottles is that they are safe for re-use as long as they are cleaned properly. Water bottles marked #7, however, may contain BPA, which has been shown as a chemical ... Read More »

Safe Methods to Remove Bacteria From Plastic Bottles?

Plastic bottles offer convenience and portability, and many people choose to reuse plastic bottles to save money and reduce their use of plastics. However, bacteria can grow quickly in plastic bott... Read More »

Are polycarbonate bottles safe to drink from?

The safety of drinking from polycarbonate bottles is a debated topic. Several studies have looked at the issue. In 2009, the Endocrine Society released a statement saying that polycarbonate bottles... Read More »

Is it better to drink water from glass bottles rather than plastic?

If you leave your water bottles in a hot car a lot it is better to use glass instead of plastic. Otherwise, you can use BPA free plastic bottles with no worries.