Are plastic CD cases recyclable?

Answer Plastic CD cases are recyclable. According to the CD Recycling Center of America website, CD sleeves, jewel cases and slim cases can be recycled. Floppy discs, zip discs, VHS tapes and cassette tap... Read More »

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Is the plastic that surrounds cases of water recyclable?

You need to know the recycle number of the plastic. The number appears in the recycle symbol stamped or printed on the plastic wrap that surrounds your case of water. It is probably a 4. This mater... Read More »

Are cd cases recyclable?

According to, CD cases can be recycled. accepts all CD cases, discs and other materials including paper booklets and any cardboard. According to CDRecyclingCente... Read More »

Are CD jewel cases recyclable?

Compact disc jewel cases are recyclable but not by your local recycling center. In order to recycle the jewel cases you will need to contact a company that specializes in recycling them. You can al... Read More »

Is plastic packaging recyclable?

Most plastic packaging is recyclable, especially bottles and containers. Most community recycling programs accept bottles, jugs, tubs, planting pots and buckets. Recycling programs do not accept pl... Read More »