Are plasmas backlit or edgelit?

Answer David E is correct.In plasma, each pixel by itself is a light source.

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The Properties of Plasmas?

Plasmas in physics and chemistry are gases that have had some portion of their particles ionized. While plasmas have many properties similar to gases, they are sometimes referred to as the fourth s... Read More »

Characteristics of Plasmas?

Plasmas are the "fourth state of matter," after the well-known solid, liquids and gases. While rare on Earth, plasma is abundant throughout the universe, holding nearly 99 percent of known matter.... Read More »

How to Take a Backlit Photograph?

It is a popular notion that in taking a photograph, the subject should always be lit from the front. In this usual setup, the light is coming from behind the photographer and the subject is facing ... Read More »

What is an LED-backlit display?

An LED-backlit display is an LCD television or computer monitor that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) rather than fluorescent bulbs to illuminate the screen. LEDs last longer than fluorescent bulb... Read More »