Are plasma tvs or LCD tvs better?

Answer LCD is newer technology, so is better.Everyone in my family has Sony LCD flat screens, about 37" but I can't say whether it is a better brand.

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OK.. LCD or Plasma is one better?

no your friend has it backwards the lcd will last for many years. LCDS will typically last longer than plasmas due to their lack of heat. plasmas produce alot of heat which strains their component... Read More »

What is better Plasma or LCD Tv?

LCD -- Plasma loses it's brightness in time.

Which is better..hd, plasma, or an lcd tv?

Plasma will have a better picture in every case except one. The new Sharp LCDs, but only the ones that come out of the brand new Kamayama2 factory are fast and black! That's been the trouble with L... Read More »

Is a plasma tv better then a lcd tv?

Yeah Plasma's better as far as im aware...not sure what the differences would be when it comes to HD Ready T.V's tho...Hold on a minute..."Plasma offers you a wide viewing angle with constant pictu... Read More »