Are plants growing a chemical change or a physical change?

Answer bothAdded correction: It is chemical because you can not simply revert it (newly grown hair) back to its original compounds. Plants (newly grown) are product of many (bio)chemical synthesis react... Read More »

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Is a seed growing into a plant a chemical change?

Yes because the seed uses the water to grow and you can't make the plant back into a seed.CAM

Is a plant growing from a seed a chemical change?

A chemical change can be thought of as any process that is irreversible. For example, once you bake a cake, you can't turn it back to batter. It has undergone chemical change. Turning ice into wate... Read More »

Is popping corn a chemical or physical change?

Corn undergoes a physical, not chemical, change when it is heated enough to produce popcorn. When the kernal becomes super heated, it literally turns inside out. The explosion creates popcorn as we... Read More »

Is hammering a nail a chemical or physical change?

hammering a nail is a physical change, this is because the nail changes shape from being long to being short and in a board for example.