Are plants autotrophic or hetrotrophic?

Answer autotrophic

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Parts of an Autotrophic Cell?

Autotrophic cells, such as plant cells, are capable of producing their own energy with sunlight and carbon dioxide. As such, autotrophic cells have all the cell parts typical of heterotrophic cells... Read More »

What autotrophic organisms were negatively affected by the oil spill?

Generally limited to the area of the panhandle closest to Alabama, beaches around Pensacola have tar balls and oil patties (stickly,color of chocolate) wash up on the beaches.

My water sprinklers does not reach my plants...will my plants still survive?

buy a watering can and use it two or three time a week

Is it true that music/or talking to plants makes plants grow?

I saw the same thing on MythBusters, Sasha. . . It was an awesome experiment. The reason I wanted to see that particuar episode, is because my grandmother and I always sing and talk to our plants,... Read More »