Are pizza hut's refried beans vegan?

Answer The refried beans are not one of the Pizza Hut menu items considered vegan. Although the beans are primarily made of vegetables, Pizza Hut uses a variety of meat flavorings in a number of their it... Read More »

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Are refried beans vegan?

Refried beans are only vegan if they are prepared without lard (pig fat) or chicken bouillon since vegans do not consume any animal products. Look for canned refried beans that are labeled "vegetar... Read More »

Can you can refried beans?

The cooked beans that are used in most refried beans recipes are considered a non-acid food that should be canned using a pressure canner instead of a boiling water bath canner. One pound of cooked... Read More »

Can you refry refried beans?

How to Make Refried Beans?

Have you ever gone to Taco Bell and/or other Mexican restaurants and wished you could have those same good-tasting beans in the comfort of your own home? Well if you have, then follow step by step,... Read More »