Are piping gel and confectioners glaze the same thing?

Answer No a piping gel is dense and translucent .The glaze is a simple icing sugar/water mix.Ingredients for a piping gel1/3 cup sugar1 Tbsp. cornstarch (cornflour)1/4 cup lemon juice1/4 cup waterInstruct... Read More »

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Is tactic and operation the same word mean the same thing?

They are very different.In military terms, think of an operation as a mission, while tactics descxribe how the mission is carried out.For example: Operation - clear the enemy out of that village Ta... Read More »

Can i replace part of pool pump piping with smaller pipe gluing pipe inside instead of coupler and same size pipe shouldnt be much smaller?

Yes. My 13" TV sat directly on top of the microwave and only minor interference occurred when the microwave was microwaving.

How do I make easy frosting without confectioners sugar and what are the ingredients?

This uses regular sugar, and it has to be cooked. My mom used to make cooked frosting.INGREDIENTS: * 2 tablespoons flour * 3/4 cup milk * 3/4 cup butter * 3/4 cup sugar * 1/8 teaspoo... Read More »

Are VGA& RGB the same thing?

VGA, also known as video graphics array, is a display system for personal computers that was a product of IBM. VGA has a text and graphic mode resolution, while RGB stands for the primary colors, r... Read More »