Are pink sapphires natural?

Answer Not all pink sapphires that are sold occur naturally, but natural pink sapphires in varying color shades do exist. They are formed from the mineral corundum. Sapphires also naturally occur in blue,... Read More »

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Difference Between Pink Diamonds & Pink Sapphires?

The "Dictionary of Gems and Gemology" categorizes pink diamonds and sapphires as "fancy" gemstones with "an unusually fine color grade." Cost and availability are the major differences between the ... Read More »

Where do mined pink sapphires come from?

According to the Natural Sapphire Company, pink sapphires are mined chiefly in southwestern Madagascar. The largest source of mined pink sapphires is found is in Tuliar, Madagascar. The presence of... Read More »

I want to make my lips natural pink?

do one thing dear. take a beet root and cut it half. rub ur lips for some time with the pink portion of beetroot. after completion clean ur lips with rose water. do it for 10 days, u caanot believe... Read More »

How to Make Lips Pink With Natural Things?

Whether you're just tired of reapplying your pink lipstick throughout the day or you're trying to restore your natural pink lip hue after drinking coffee, nature has various ways for you to get and... Read More »