Are pillow top mattresses good?

Answer On One Hand: General BenefitsPillow top mattresses have extra layers of padding on top to provide softness, and underneath they feature a traditional firm mattress to provide support while sleeping... Read More »

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Can you flip pillow top mattresses?

Whether you can flip a pillow top mattress or not depends upon the type of mattress. If the extra cushion or pillow appears only on one side of the mattress, you cannot flip the mattress. If the ma... Read More »

What is euro top&pillow top on mattresses?

Both pillow top and euro top mattresses include a soft padding on top of the mattress. The differences lie mainly in the way the soft padding is attached to the main body of the mattress.Pillow Top... Read More »

How to Clean Pillow Top Mattresses?

General cleaning and maintenance of pillow top mattresses is as uncomplicated as a light coat of spray disinfectant and monthly vacuuming. Monthly vacuuming fluffs the pillow top and removes skin t... Read More »

What is the difference between Euro top& pillow top mattresses?

The difference between a pillow top and a Euro top mattress is very slight. A pillow top has a piece of soft padding on top of the mattress, which has a gap between the padding and the mattress. Th... Read More »