Are pigs one of the most mistreated animals in the world?

Answer It depends on the way they are farmed and the ones we get are farmed in paddocks and are left to root around for whatever and are fed good foods coming from restaurants as slops, and supermarkets f... Read More »

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How to Help Stop Animals Being Mistreated?

Animal cruelty is everywhere. It's thousands of miles away, and maybe right in your neighborhood. We should all do our part to help abused and mistreated animals, so keep a close eye and have the h... Read More »

What nation had the most powerful navy in the world at the time of world war1?

England had the most powerful surface fleet of ships, while Germany had the most powerful submarine fleet. England's surface fleet won out over German submarines.

Most Endangered Animals?

Some of the planet's wildlife species are on the brink of extinction for a myriad of reasons, such as global warming, overhunting, degradation of water and air pollution. Many of these animals are ... Read More »

Are inmates being mistreated?

On One Hand: Inmates Should Be PunishedWhether or not inmates are being mistreated depends on who you ask. For the family of their victims, the answer may be a resounding "no." For the correctional... Read More »