Are physicians required to be ATLS-certified?

Answer Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) is not required for all physicians. Physicians who are surgeons or work in a trauma-related field are required to be ATLS-certified. Certification requirements f... Read More »

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Do physicians require ATLS?

The Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) requires physicians, paramedics and other front line emergency personal to learn techniques for the early care of the trauma patient to save lives in critica... Read More »

When treating patients, are physicians required by law to have BLS or CPR certification?

By law, no. If they work for a hospital or corporation, then it would likely be required for employment.Then there's the public expectation that a doc knows what to do when...(Not always the case!)

Are you required to administer CPR if you are certified?

According to the Good Samaritan Law, people are not required to administer CPR or first aid in most states unless it is part of their job description or profession. However, most states require at... Read More »

Is a stamped receipt required as proof of certified mail?

Certified mail receipt is stamped with a mail date by the post office to declare the mail was sent on a specific date. If the receipt is not stamped with the date of mailing, there is no way to con... Read More »