Are petunias poisonous?

Answer No, petunias are not poisonous. Petunias are and have been a very popular garden plant, thanks to their beautiful colors and unique trumpet shape. Some even have a cinnamon scent. Petunias are safe... Read More »

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How do i bed petunias?

Soil PreparationTill the soil well in the bed where the petunias will go and mix compost into the soil at the same time. The soil should be loose and moist, but not too damp, and it should be able ... Read More »

How do I start petunias?

Soil PreparationFill a seeding container (peat pot, seed tray, paper cup or recycled food container) with commercial potting soil. Leave about a half-inch empty at the top of the container. Spray t... Read More »

Why are my petunias wilting?

Although prized for their hardiness, several problems can contribute to petunias wilting when they should be blooming. Some of these problems are easily fixed while others are not.DroughtToo li... Read More »

Are petunias edible?

Petunias are edible and can be used as wraps for finger foods. Some may find the taste to be "grassy" and more suitable for the garden than the kitchen. With the wide variety of color available, al... Read More »