Are petunias deer resistant?

Answer Petunias are not deer resistant. Deer prefer petunias to numerous other plants. Gardeners will know if a deer is eating their plants if the torn plant is jagged instead of bitten straight from the ... Read More »

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Are petunias frost resistant?

Petunias are a popular flower due to their vibrant blooms and versatility. Although this plant is somewhat hardy, it is not frost resistant. For the best results, plant seeds in a pot indoors and m... Read More »

Do deer eat petunias?

The garden is a perfect place for wild animals to forage. Deer eat many types of food, including acorns, seeds, and petunias. To prevent your petunias from being eaten by a deer, place a fence or w... Read More »

Deer Resistant Juniper?

Deer can be a gardener's nightmare. According to "Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance," featured on the Rutgers: New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station website, there's no entirely deer-r... Read More »

Deer-Resistant Flowers?

Nothing is more disappointing for a gardener than waiting for garden flowers to bloom, only to find the next morning that the neighborhood deer have eaten every blossom. You can still have a bloomi... Read More »