Are petrified tree trunks fossils?

Answer Petrified tree trunks are a kind of fossil. Current scientific theories hold that in order for wood to turn to stone, trees must be rapidly buried in the kind of sediment found in flooded areas. Ov... Read More »

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How to Paint Tree Trunks White?

The bark of tree trunks are painted white to protect younger trees from sunburn and may deter insect boring infestation. The white paint can also make it easier to see if the bark of the tree is be... Read More »

Why do people paint the bottom of tree trunks white?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEThank You Ragin Karen from making me write it out again this week. Karen is 100% correct. It has NOTHING to do with controlling anything but sun and wind burn on soft... Read More »

How to Protect Young Tree Trunks from Lawn Care Damage?

Completed Protector, OpenAn easy way to protect young trees (1"-3" diameter) from string trimmer damage or lawn mower strikes is to construct a protective sleeve out of ribbed, black drainage pipe ... Read More »

Petrified of having baby no 2?

Your baby is only 5 months old. You have a while to make that decision and you never know, you could change your mind. I don't think it is a good idea to make such huge decisions, like I am never ... Read More »