Are pet skunks legal in Virginia?

Answer Skunks are allowed as pets, with permits, in some states in the United States, but not in Virginia. The state specifies that wild animals, including skunks, cannot be bought, sold, possessed or exp... Read More »

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Where are pet skunks legal?

It is legal to keep skunks as pets in Florida, Alabama and Wyoming. In a few other states, including Ohio, Georgia, and Idaho, it is legal to keep skunks as pets under certain conditions.Reference... Read More »

Are pet skunks legal in Washington?

Skunks are allowed as pets in some states in the U.S., usually with a permit. Skunks are illegal to own as pets in Washington, meaning the state has the right to issue violators a fine and take the... Read More »

What is Legal age to babysit in Virginia?

11 is okay for younger siblings but 12/13 is the age for actually babysitting other children in your neighborhood or community. I HIGHLY recommend waiting until 11 1/2 to start babysitting younger ... Read More »

How do I get a legal separation in Virginia?

Separation in VirginiaTalk with your spouse about who will move out. One party must find a new residence within the state of Virginia. Moving outside of the state is prohibited until after the divo... Read More »