Are persimmon trees good for firewood?

Answer Persimmon trees consist of high-density hardwood, according to the Colestin Rural Fire District. Persimmon wood is considered to be excellent quality firewood, as it is a dense, low-smoking and low... Read More »

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Is firewood ash from a fireplace any good as a fertilizer or not a good idea to use in garden or around trees?

Yes, as long as you are just burning wood (no plastics, pressure treated lumber ect) the ash is a good soil amendment. Basically you are recreating the natural process a forest fire does in rapidly... Read More »

When do persimmon trees sprout?

Persimmon trees sprout after thawing. Outdoors, this means they sprout in the early spring after they have had a chance to thaw. If planted indoors, seeds will sprout upon removal from a few week s... Read More »

How do I start persimmon trees?

Acquire fresh persimmon tree seed from the fruit or purchased from a store. Soak or wash in water seeds that were taken from fruit to get rid of any sugar. Fill a pot three-fourths of the way with ... Read More »

When do persimmon trees bear fruit?

Persimmon trees start to bear fruit after seven years of growth. The fruit begins ripening at the end of autumn into the early part of winter. They are best eaten after they have fully ripened.Sour... Read More »