Are periwinkle flowers&plants edible?

Answer Vinca minor plants, more commonly known as periwinkles, blossom in bright purple and lavender shades, which makes them popular additions to gardens. Some common flowers and plants can be eaten; how... Read More »

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What printers can be used with edible ink for edible images?

I worked at a grocery store deli that made the kind of images you are talking about for cakes. They just used a cheap cannon color ink jet printer with the special ink and paper that is needed. Did... Read More »

How to Tell If a Wild Berry Is Edible or Non-Edible?

Many berries that grow in the wild are tasty and harmless if eaten. If you are on a hiking trip or camping in the wild, and stumble upon a bush full of luscious looking berries, you may be tempted... Read More »

How to Care for Madagascar Periwinkle?

Madagascar periwinkle (Cathatranthus rosea) is easy to grow and can be grown both indoors and in the garden. It has shiny green leaves and has either pink, white or red flowers depending on which v... Read More »

Periwinkle As a Ground Cover?

Common periwinkle, also known as Vinca minor and creeping myrtle, is an evergreen ground cover native to Europe and Asia. It is suited to both sunny and shady areas throughout most of the United St... Read More »