Are peppers fruit or vegetable?

Answer A fruit is defined as the ripened ovary of a flower and contains the seeds of the plant. Based on that description, the University of Arkansas defines all peppers as fruits, even though most people... Read More »

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Are chili peppers a vegetable or a fruit?

A fruit contains the seeds of the plant, since it is the ripened ovary of a flower. Based on that definition, the University of Arkansas classifies all peppers, including chili peppers, as fruits, ... Read More »

How long until chili peppers fruit?

Chili peppers take approximately 84 days to fruit and be ready for harvest, according to the University of Illinois Extension office. Chili peppers sometimes are harvested earlier when they are gre... Read More »

Is a fig a fruit or vegetable?

The fig is a tree Ficus Carica grown for its fruit since ancient times, so a fig is a fruit. Botanically all of the plant kingdom are vegetable matter but horticulturally a vegetable is a plant eit... Read More »

Is a pea a fruit or a vegetable?

Botanists classify peas as fruits because they come from the ripened ovary of a flower. However, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Nix v. Hedden in 1893 that peas are vegetables because they are comm... Read More »