Are pepper plants poisonous to dogs?

Answer Peppers are not poisonous to dogs. Some dogs may be irritated by the heat of different types of peppers, such as the fiery habanero pepper variety, but even then, the pepper will not cause any dama... Read More »

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Are Hibiscus Plants Poisonous to Dogs?

The colorful hibiscus is a shrub found in many parts of the country -- usually a landscape plant in warmer climates and container-grown in cooler regions. Pet owners should be aware the hibiscus is... Read More »

Are elephant ear plants poisonous to dogs?

Elephant's ear, a member of the Colocasia plant family, is potentially poisonous to dogs. Although it may not be immediately fatal or result in severe illness, ingestion of the juice of this plant,... Read More »

List of Poisonous Garden Plants for Dogs?

During the end-of-year holiday season, dog owners are inundated with warnings about the dangers that poinsettia plants pose to the health of domesticated canines. However, a number of common garden... Read More »

Are bleeding heart plants poisonous to dogs?

Though beautiful, the bleeding heart plant is highly toxic to dogs. For some dogs, physical contact with the plant can cause dermatitis. Dogs who consume large amounts of the foliage or roots can s... Read More »