Are people's left and right foot the same size?

Answer On One Hand: Two Different SizesMany people have differently sized feet, according to the Georgia Podiatric Medical Association. The Fitted Shoe, a specialty shoe store in Iowa, says 60 percent of ... Read More »

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When driving, do you use one foot for brake and gas both, or your left foot for brake and right for gas?

I have been driving since I was younger than you, and I do not left-foot brake, even in an automatic.This is due to a number of reasons:1. I will drive anything I am allowed to2. I have been drivin... Read More »

Do cross country skis have a right&left foot?

Nordic skiing is often referred to as cross-country skiing. The skis use a combined clip-in boot/binding system. A grooved metal rod is attached to the bottom of the toe of the boot that fits into ... Read More »

Why do I have hair growing on the bottom of my left foot, but not my right?

What do u call it when a person is right handed but kicks with her left foot?

It's called mixed dominance, or cross dominance. Your niece is right-hand dominant and left-foot dominant. Other people mix it up by favoring the same-sided hand and foot but favoring another body ... Read More »