Are people who smoke weed HEAVILY depressed people ?

Answer no, you dont see many high depressed people! lol

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How do yu feel about people who smoke weed....?

As long as they have their priorities in order & don't let the pot rule or ruin their life I wouldn't judge them.People can still be good citizens if they are strong minded & don't let pot smoking ... Read More »

What Kind Of People Smoke Weed?

I'm heavily depressed and i just took around a whole packet of ibuprofen, will i be okay?

take a glass of mix fruit juice & any anti acidic tab like : domperidone, ranitidine, rabeprazole so as to reduce the discomfort from ur stomach & to reduce gass.& go out for a walk it will help a ... Read More »

Why don't people give up a seat on a packed train when a girl is obviously heavily pregnant?

Because their parents didn't teach them properly.