Are people who say Wikipedia isn't reliable just ignorant?

Answer I went on Wikipedia a lot when I graded papers for a tenured professor. I didn't even need plagiarism detection software to tell that a certain phrase or paragraph had been lifted off Wikipedia. On... Read More »

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Do you think some people are ignorant about Wikipedia and give it an unfair rap?

It takes ignorance to think Wikipedia is any good.Supposedly mistakes are corrected quickly. Wrong. It took years to get Mike Ilitch's birthplace right. It took months to correct the slander agains... Read More »

Why do people think Wikipedia is not reliable?

I think you need to read… +… and form your own opinion about it. Also note there's no Wikipedia Team: the Engli... Read More »

Why do people use wikipedia if they know its not reliable?

It's not 100% but I think it pretty much reliable.If it is something important I need to know I check other sources too.

Why are so many people ignorant to cancer?

People are not educated enough on the subject.