What takeaways do people from China and India order?

Answer Interseting ! I'm an Indian...So here goes. Not come across any English Restaurant in India, and I've travelled through the country. Roast dinners, shepherd's pie...well most Indians won't know wha... Read More »

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What were dragons considered to be in Asian cultures?

Western fairy tales depict dragons as greedy, ruthless figures that hoard gold and devour maidens. Asian cultures take a much different approach to dragons, however, viewing them as wise and enigma... Read More »

Seems like people from India are very good in computers. Could someone explain why?

This is a hugely mistaken notion and the truth is that Indian IT industry is exceptionally successful only because of wage-arbitration i.e due to the wage differences (about 50% cheaper on an avera... Read More »

Is toshiba considered a good brand of laptop in india?

The only reason people say Toshiba sucks, is because they were dumb enough to think they were going to pay $500 for a laptop and play Crysis maxxed out or any other game fresh out on the market. T... Read More »

I am in india ,Can you guide me that I should take VOIP service provider from india or USA (5 and 15 dollar)?

all I can tell you, if you choose an US VoIP provider, then you will need an US address. The address must match the credit card number! ( you could use family or friends) many ppl from India do it ... Read More »