Are people allowed access to their personnel files?

Answer Whether you can look at your job personnel files depends on your state. In California, for instance, employees can look at their files at "reasonable times and intervals"; however, other states cur... Read More »

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Can people access your computer files through utorrent & piratebay?

Well yes, This is the whole point of utorrent, and torrents in general. You download something like a song from other people then you share with all the other people that want to download that song... Read More »

Where are personnel files kept?

On One Hand: Laws Don't SpecifyEmployment law governs what records must be kept and, in some cases, for how they must be kept. They don't specify where you must keep the records, so long as you can... Read More »

What goes in employee personnel files?

An employee's personnel file is a written history of the employee's time with the company. Care should be taken to include only information that is pertinent to the employee's employment and work p... Read More »

Laws About the Retention of Personnel Files?

Human Resources departments have to keep ongoing information about employees to comply with state and federal regulations. These requirements and compliance guidelines have recently changed with t... Read More »