Are pentax scopes good?

Answer On One Hand: Pentax Scopes are Well-ReviewedReviews of rifle scopes literally have nothing negative to say about Pentax scopes. Buzzillions and Nextag give Pentax scopes consistent 5-star ratings,... Read More »

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Will using a Pentax AF240z flash gun on a digital Pentax 1st dl camara cause damage?

Answerit should be fine, the pentax240z flash trigger voltage has been measured at 4.8v I couldn't find the limit for the hotshoe voltage, but it is most likely very high. (Canons tend to be low ... Read More »

Pentax Can in interchangeable lenz for K1000 be used to the new Digital Pentax?

Yes, perfectly without problems. Metering will work so there is no guesswork needed while in manual mode. The best part is, even if you have a manual focus lens, it will be supported by Shake Reduc... Read More »

Are mueller scopes good?

On One Hand: They Are Durable and EffectiveMueller scopes aren't anywhere near the most expensive, but these rifle scopes hold up to heavy recoil while providing accurate aim. In addition, while th... Read More »

Are swift rifle scopes good?

On One Hand: Positive Swift ReviewsSwift, the manufacturer of rifle scopes, says it provides scopes with superior optics, dependable results and quick target acquisition. The Scopes Guide gives Swi... Read More »