Are pension benefits taxed?

Answer Whether your pension benefits are taxed depends on who paid into them. Your pension payments are only partially taxable if you made the payments toward them, after tax dollars. However, if your emp... Read More »

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Are national guard pension taxed?

That depends on the state which the guardsman retired from.

Are VA benefits taxed income?

Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits are not included in the taxpayer's income. Since this money is not included in income, the money will not be taxed. The benefits must be administered from the Departm... Read More »

Are federal employees'health benefits taxed?

According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, there is a pre-tax arrangement for federal employees called Premium Conversion which allows the portion of the employees salary that is taken o... Read More »

Are life insurance benefits taxed in Iowa?

In the state of Iowa, life insurance benefits are only taxed if they are payable to the estate of the deceased. If the proceeds are payable to a person (such as a son or daughter) rather than the e... Read More »