Are penicillin safe in pregnancy?

Answer Talk to your dr before taking any medications while you are pregnant.

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Wy penicillin is safe for pregnancy?

I think you mean Cytotec. It's a medicine for men who has ulcers and a side effect was found to be miscarriage.

Is it safe to take penicillin during the last weeks of pregnancy?

Answer If your doctor knows you are pregnant and you are not allergic, take it, he is prescribing it because it is the best antibiotic for your condition.Your baby is probably safe from the penicil... Read More »

Is it safe to take penicillin while pregnant?

I am nine weeks pregnant, and I have an infection in my throat. I went to the OB, and she prescribed me a weeks worth of Penicillin that I have to take three times a day for a week. So, I am guessi... Read More »

Is cefprozil safe for someone who is allergic to penicillin?

Cefprozil, a prescription medication, is used to treat bacterial infections. Cefprozil may not be safe for a person to take who is allergic to penicillin. A doctor should be informed of a penicilli... Read More »