Are penguins endangered animals?

Answer The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists four species of penguins as “endangered”--Northern rockhopper, erect-crested, yellow-eyed and Galapagos. Species such as the Southern ro... Read More »

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Are macaroni penguins endangered?

The macaroni penguin (Eudyptes chrysolophus) is not an endangered species. The macaroni penguin is the most abundant of all the different types of penguin species, with as many as 12 million pairs ... Read More »

Are macaroni penguins endangered or threatened?

Macaroni penguins are both endangered and threatened because of human intrusions into their natural habitats. Among the problems attributed to the macaroni penguin's declining numbers are pollution... Read More »

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Why are animals becoming endangered?

There are over 1,200 species in the United States listed as endangered (in grave danger of becoming extinct) or threatened (likely to become endangered). Animals and plants may become endangered fo... Read More »