Are pellet stoves worth it?

Answer On One Hand: Pellet Stove ProsThe Encyclopedia of Alternative Energy and Sustainable Living states that pellet stoves "are clean burning and therefore better for air quality," "are convenient" (Sim... Read More »

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Are pellet stoves noisy?

On One Hand: All Pellet Stoves Make Some NoisePellets stove motors and fans emit constant noise. The level of noise varies with the model and the age of the stove, ranging from a dull background hu... Read More »

Are pellet stoves green?

On One Hand: Pellet Stoves Are Efficient and Eco-FriendlyPellet stoves are eco-friendly on two levels. With combustion efficiency in the range of 78 to 85 percent, they produce very little air poll... Read More »

Are pellet stoves efficient?

On One Hand: Pellet Stoves Burn Recycled Wood.The pellets burn hot so they're more efficient than wood and produce less ash and creosote. Turning wood waste and other biomass, including shelled cor... Read More »

How to Maintain Pellet Stoves?

Pellet stoves use fuel made from recycled sawdust to heat your home. Burning pellets is an environmentally friendly option because they are efficient and do not produce as much ash and soot as trad... Read More »