Are pellet stoves exempt from no-burn in Sacramento County?

Answer All wood burning stoves, including those that burn pellets or compressed sawdust logs, are not exempt on "All Burning Prohibited" days in Sacramento County. You may not burn any solid fuel, in any ... Read More »

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Can you burn corn in pellet stoves?

It is possible to burn corn in a pellet stove; however, burning corn may cause problems with clinkers, or buildups of hard ash. There are pellet stoves specifically designed to use corn pellets as ... Read More »

Do Lopi pellet stoves burn corn?

Both the Yankee pellet stove and Yankee pellet inserts from Lopi stoves can burn corn. They are both approved for a 50/50 mix using pellets and feed corn. Lopi stoves are one of many lines made by ... Read More »

Can pellet stoves heat from the basement?

On One Hand: They Can Be Installed Almost AnywhereMany people prefer to hide their furnaces so they can't be seen by guests, but they want to be sure the heat source can adequately heat the househo... Read More »

Are pellet stoves green?

On One Hand: Pellet Stoves Are Efficient and Eco-FriendlyPellet stoves are eco-friendly on two levels. With combustion efficiency in the range of 78 to 85 percent, they produce very little air poll... Read More »