Are pella replacement windows good?

Answer On One Hand: Consumer Reports Likes PellaIn 2009,, a reliable source for testing and reporting on window quality, gave favorable reviews to three of four Pella replacement windo... Read More »

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How do I measure for Pella replacement windows?

MeasureHold your tape measure across the width of the Pella window opening, inside the casing, at the very back of the vertical track where the sash is set. Measure above the sash when it's down an... Read More »

How to Repair Pella Windows?

Pella brand windows are considered among the best windows on the market for people looking for new or replacement windows for their home. In 2010, the company's windows were declared a "Best Buy" i... Read More »

How to Paint Pella Windows?

Pella windows are considered to be among the best windows on the market today. Although you will need no special tools or paintbrushes to paint Pella windows, if you want to do the best job possibl... Read More »

How do I clean calcium deposits off Pella windows?

Saturate a cleaning rag in pure mineral spirits, and wipe over your Pella windows. Scrub over calcium deposits in small circular motions to buff away the deposits. If you have no mineral spirits on... Read More »