Are pediatricians good help to the society?

Answer No, teething has no direct relation to diarrehea.

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How does pediatricians benefit society?

the were treated bad they were bearly feed and some got some really bad dieases that killed them and the rest of them and because of that they killed the children so the disease wouldn't spread to ... Read More »

How important are pediatricians in society?

A needle or simply any other infected object that somehow established contact with the child's bloodstream. AIDS can transmit itself sexually as well as via saliva from an infected person or cough ... Read More »

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Leader in Modern Society?

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Is the Humane Society of the United States: a good reputable organization to donate to?

NO....the HSUS is NO LONGER a reputable organization.....less than 1/2 of 1% of donations goes to help shelter animals directly. Their ultimate goal is the same as PETA' eliminate pet own... Read More »