Are patio tomatoes hybrid?

Answer Technically, any type of tomato can be grown on your patio with the right size container. A hybrid plant is created when two varieties are cross-bred. The specific plant called the "patio tomato" i... Read More »

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How to Plant Burpee Better Boy Hybrid Tomatoes?

The Burpee Better Boy Hybrid is an indeterminate type of tomato. This means the plants will grow continuously and need to have cages around them to help support the fruit, which takes 72 days to ma... Read More »

How do I grow patio tomatoes?

Seed StartingStart seeds for patio tomatoes, a compact tomato suitable for containers, in flats containing sterile seed starting mix indoors five to six weeks before your last frost date. Grow the ... Read More »

How to Prune Patio Tomatoes?

Not having the land to plant a vegetable garden can be disappointing for a green thumb or a fresh veggie lover. There are positives to having a container garden on your deck or patio. Look out your... Read More »

A List of Patio Tomatoes?

Just because you do not have a vegetable garden or space in your yard for a garden does not mean you can't enjoy home-grown, fresh vegetables. If you have a patio that receives sunlight for at leas... Read More »