Are passive 3D TV glasses the ones that are known for the bad side effects?

Answer No, the active 3D glasses are very popular for flickering and causing eye strain.

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I want to wear glasses and i dont need them.... what are the side effects and will it matter that i got it?

there are fashion glasses out there that look like they are perscription glasses but they arent..they are just clear and lots of them are way fab..most are cute but some are just plain hideous.the ... Read More »

Do the passive glasses of my LG 3D TV?

No; the glasses provided with LG 3D TV works on FPR technology that does not require any charging or any circuits to be changed. Watching 3D TV wearing these passive glasses gives a burden free vie... Read More »

Do Passive glasses used in viewing 3D TV?

LG 3D TV and Panasonic ET5 series 3D TV uses passive 3D technology.Passive 3d reduces the resolution of the original content.

Do passive 3D TVs sacrifice the picture quality for its lightweight and cheap 3D glasses?

No, not at all. LG is the biggest maker of passive 3D TVs and LG Cinema 3D gives you the same 3D experience as the movie theater at home. The lightweight, battery free 3D glasses are polarized (jus... Read More »