Are passion plants grown indoors or out?

Answer The passion flower, Passiflora incarnata, is sometimes grown as a houseplant, sometimes cultivated outdoors and, in some places, considered a weed. This vine produces exotic purple flowers and a ... Read More »

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Can portulaca plants be grown indoors?

Although it thrives better outdoors, portulaca, also called moss rose, can be grown indoors. It will need humid conditions, good drainage and full sunlight for successful growth. A tall plant stand... Read More »

What kind of plants can be grown indoors and would make my livingroom light up?

Go tropical,Rae...Home Depot has tons of potted trees that are easy to care for.((((Rae))))Edit. You could also try Lowes.I got some beauties last year.:)

Can azaleas be grown indoors?

Azaleas can be grown indoors if placed in a cool location with bright, indirect light away from drafts. Keep azalea soil moist, mist daily when blooming and remove dead flowers. After blooming, fee... Read More »

Can amaryllis be grown indoors?

Amaryllis grows indoors. Plant amaryllis in a heavy pot to prevent tipping. Amaryllis prefers a sunny, slightly humid environment. Add plenty of water after planting the bulb, then continue waterin... Read More »