Are parents responsible for their kids'credit card purchases?

Answer On One Hand: Underage ChildrenParents are responsible for their underage children's credit card purchases, according to Consumer Action. Minors cannot enter into a legal contract, so the parent has... Read More »

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Should parents be held responsible for their children's behaviour?

That is a debatable question. It all depends on the age and situation of the child. Obviously young children (from birth, toddlers and early adolescences) can barely think for themselves let alone ... Read More »

Is the spouse of a deceased credit card holder responsible for their debt?

On One Hand: Situations Where You Are Responsible.Community states are those that consider debt to be a community responsibility; that is, the responsibility of the family. If your spouse dies and ... Read More »

Can credit card companies take your purchases if you can't pay the card?

A credit card company can submit negative information to the credit bureaus and take you to court if you default on your credit obligation. But the company cannot confiscate items that you purchase... Read More »

Can a teenager drive their parents car when their not on their parents policy?

Answer In OKlahoma all licensed drivers in the household must be listed as a driver or listed as an excluded driver for the policy to be valid. Anything else would result in a fraudilent policy and... Read More »