Are parents responsible for their kids'credit card purchases?

Answer On One Hand: Underage ChildrenParents are responsible for their underage children's credit card purchases, according to Consumer Action. Minors cannot enter into a legal contract, so the parent has... Read More »

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Can credit card companies take your purchases if you can't pay the card?

A credit card company can submit negative information to the credit bureaus and take you to court if you default on your credit obligation. But the company cannot confiscate items that you purchase... Read More »

Can you use your gap card on non gap purchases?

If you have a Gap Visa card, which is indicated by the Visa emblem on the front of the card, you can use it anywhere that accepts Visa. Without a Visa logo, Gap store card can be used only at Gap's... Read More »

How to Record Credit Card Purchases?

Credit cards can be a useful way of making purchases, both online and in retail locations. Many cards have reward programs that will allow you to reap benefits with the card's use, such as cash bac... Read More »

Is there a problem when you use your debit card for gas purchases?

When you buy gas with your debit card, your bank may place up to $75 "hold" on your account. Usually the bank adjusts this amount quickly to the actual dollar amount of the gas, but sometimes it c... Read More »