Are parents allowed to froce a child in Islam?

Answer YES, but this is not known as force in islam. E.g. when a king asks his servant to obey his command and get him some water he is not forcing him however is commanding him instead. Islam is not in r... Read More »

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In Islam are the parents allowed to froce the child?

no ofcourse they arent.islam is against childlabor and harassing children and women.

Are either parents allowed to travel out of state with child with joint custody?

joint coustody of course, other parent just has to have knowledge of the wereabouts of the child and agree on it...

Is photography allowed in Islam?

shia yes it's allowed in itself but if it attached to some Haram things, it is not allowed.

Is sperm swallowing allowed by Islam?

I don't think there is an express ban on it in the Koran so it is allowed, ------------------------------------------------- Some say No. It is filthy.Others say it's okay.Sorry.