Are paper wasps venomous?

Answer According to a fact sheet published by the University of California, paper wasps are relatively unaggressive. However, they will sting if their nest is disturbed. Individual female wasps may also s... Read More »

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What do paper wasps eat?

Paper wasps are insects with a distinct black, yellow and orange pattern on their bodies. They have long legs and dark-colored wings. Paper wasps are predatory insects that feed on caterpillars, sp... Read More »

Do birds eat paper wasps?

Birds do not eat paper wasps. Instead, birds will actually abandon spaces in which paper wasps intrude, even if their eggs or young are inside. Paper wasps construct umbrella-shaped nests in boxes.... Read More »

How do I kill paper wasps?

Paper wasps, or "umbrella wasps" as they are sometimes called, are usually a docile type of insect and generally considered helpful to the environment as they feed on harmful garden pests. The nest... Read More »

Do paper wasps sting?

Paper wasps can sting, though they are reluctant to do so. They will build gray, paperlike structures for their nest that may expand to 6 inches or more during the spring and summer. It is during t... Read More »