Are pansies poisonous?

Answer Pansies are not poisonous. Their blossoms are edible and popular in salads, with a flavor similar to grapes and mint. Indigestion and allergies are sometimes associated with edible flowers consumed... Read More »

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Are pansies poisonous to dogs?

Pansies are mildly poisonous to both humans and dogs. They are especially of concern for smaller dogs, but they should be kept away from all dogs if possible, as they may cause sickness even in lar... Read More »

How do I deadhead pansies?

Deadhead your pansies to promote growth and to keep them aesthetically pleasing. Although a pansy will not grow a bloom back after being deadheaded, it will stay healthy and not try to reseed.Remov... Read More »

How cold can pansies get?

Pansies can typically survive freezing temperatures, especially in the case of pansies labeled as "winter pansies" or "cold hardy". In some cases, pansies may freeze solid during very cold weather,... Read More »

Are Pansies Safe to Eat?

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