Are pandas endangered species?

Answer Giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) live in the wild only in China. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service lists giant pandas as an endangered species. The National Zoological Park in Washin... Read More »

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Are red pandas an endangered species?

Red pandas (Ailurus fulgens) are considered an endangered species due to habitat loss. According to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, fewer than 2,500 adult red pandas exist. Red pandas liv... Read More »

Are pandas endangered animals?

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the panda currently is one the world's most endangered animal. It has been the WWF's logo since 1961. Its forest habitat in China is being removed to make way ... Read More »

Why are giant pandas endangered?

Indigenous to southwestern China, giant panda bears generate great interest worldwide. Beginning life as little bundles of joy weighing about four to eight ounces, these uniquely colored bears grow... Read More »

Are giant pandas a keystone species?

Giant pandas are considered to be a flagship species--a species that symbolizes a conservation effort. A keystone species is one that has a large impact on the biological community and its extincti... Read More »